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It was before it was

December 3, 2020


frank reidy & eric allen : reflections
caleb landry jones : you’re so wonderful
coil : the dreamer is still asleep
urlaub in polen : impulse response
craven faults : signal post
fujiya & miyagi : ankle injuries
hiroshi yoshimura : creek
stereolab : exploding head movie
pauline anna strom : marking time
john carpenter & alan horwarth : the duke arrives
brian eno : deep blue day
neu! : neuschnee
ryuichi sakamoto : ぼくのかけら
yumiko morioka : moon road
psymon spine : modmed
john frusciante : flying
sleaford mods : mork n mindy
clams casino : i’m GOD
leila : melodicore


November 12, 2020

µ-ziq – balsa lightning
caustic window – italic eyeball
portamento feat. bochum welt – sunset
dj shadow – strike 3 (and I’m out)
airliner – ar ei ben ei hun
afx- nightmail 1
metamatics – solange jimenez
sleaford mods – 6 horsemen (the brixons)
filter – it’s over
radiohead – fake plastic trees
bryan ferry – slave to love
µ-ziq – dauphine
amen andrews vs. spac hand luke – like a machine
take – begin end begin
datassette – don’t (demo)
calexico – pepita
autechre – lost
samoyed – maybe yes (lukid remix)
bob marley – nice time (accapella)
can – thief
isaiah rashad – ronnie drake (feat. sza)
drake – up all night (feat. nicki minaj)
the meters – ease back
portishead – numb
aphex twin – cow cud is a twin
oneothrix point never – warning
tv on the radio – halfway home
venetian snares – miss balaton
photek – t-raenon
tricky – overcome (rough monitor mix)

The End of the Beginning

November 5, 2020

djimi & metroA

notwist : ship
black to comm : stolen androgens
takashi kokubo : melancholy II
die orangen : krautback (full circle remix)
trees speak : large array
wagon christ : special designer song
shlohmo : misanthrope
fabio fabore : apocalypse
zdenek liska : mala morska vila
mort garson : walk to the other side of the island
hildur guonadottir : call me joker
king khan : (white nile) flows through memphis
carlos nino & miguel atwood-ferguson : chicago waves pt. IV
durutti columm : jacqueline
günter schickert : suleika
erland dahlen : hunt
david boulter : the milk bar
a mix

Nerd Derby 48

October 29, 2020
Ruckdiwupp Rubbeldiwupp Schnipp Schnapp


October 8, 2020

soundtrack volume αlpha & beta

mutation-intro-ballad of the cats-eleven-beginning 2-concrete halls-ki-dog-cat-wait-beginning-far-minecraft-blind spots-equinoxe-mice on venus-ward-blocks-oxygene-death-key-living mice-biome fest-alpha-chirp-mellohi-strad-dry hands-wet hands-flake-dead voxel-door-aria math-excuse-sweden-clark-moog city 2-taswell-moog city-chris-stal-warmth-haunt muskie-mall-droopy like ricochet-droopy like your face-danny-kyoto-haggstrom-subwoofer lulleby-dreiton-floating trees-the end

The echoes from the walls are so clear… My sister hates it

October 2, 2020

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djimi & metroA
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bellows : 6
animal collective : brother sport
oneohtrix point never : long road home
anna von hausswolff : persefone
meitei : gen’ei
rich aucoin : how it breaks
gorillaz : strange timez
oyvind torvund : out of the jungle
sparkle division : no exit
danielle de piciotto : deliverence
boy h. werner : who’s gonna tell you a story
yves jarvis : victim
nicolas jaar : mud
american analogue set : diana slowburner II
marie davidson l’Œil nu : lead sister
la grande illusion : heaven knows
aksak maboul : un cait
ashraf sharif khan & viktor marek : dadi
soft cell : frustration (mutant moments version)
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the mix
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September 10, 2020

@ten p.m.
gangster chronicles
we don’t die
nicotine love
bad dreams
passion of the christ
singing the blues
makes me wanna die
for real
moody broody buddhist camp
hey love
I’m in the doorway
blood of my blood
slick 69
something in the way
the love cats
money greedy
puppy toy
nothing’s changed
analyze me
me, I was like you
fall please
past mistake
rude boys
suffocated love
she devil
lonely dancer
hell is round the corner
wait for signal
is that your life
in the sun
lyrics of fury
keep me in your shake
come to me
I’m ready
really real
bonnie & clyde
lonnie listen
black steel
same as it ever was
thinking of
sex drive
does it

we never existed

September 4, 2020

djimi & metroA
william basinski : o, my daughter, o, my sorrow
black mary : john & mary
lucrecia dalt : disuelta
dan deacon : adrian in wonderland
dylan henner : the peach tree next door grew over our fence
macintosh plus : 月
belbury poly : the gone away
nv : bells burp
meitei : chouchin
alessandro cortini : quasi casa
alessandro cortini & don buchla : everything ends here
michael rother : bitter tang
moskoman & teleman : what do we care
coil : are you shivering?
valentina gonchorova : passageway to eternity
sea glass : spring chant
imaginary soft woods : coconut serenade
kelly lee owens : on
brannten schnüre : auf dem hohen meissner


August 13, 2020

@ten p.m

metamatics – giant sunflowers swaying in the wind
dj stingray 313 – acetylcholine
the octagon man – tunx
caustic window – fingry
herva – slam the laptop
µ-ziq – within a sound
underworld – juanita/kiteless/dream of love
beaumont hannant – psi-onyx
10cc – I’m not in love
the kills – the good ones
jp buckle – kiss me quick
plaid – prig
amon tobin – slowly
µ-ziq – roy castle
the prodigy – everybody in the place
cylob – pepper spray (radio mix)
afx – w32.deacode.a
milanese – 1up
sideshow – if alone
nightmares on wax – jorgé
bis – love will tear us apart
datassette – furniture
x-altera – entry
vex’d – firestar
squarepusher – the barn (303 kebab mix)

Go your own way

August 7, 2020

Znm0AH9hThGPrUHtUDXUhA´´´´´djimi & metroA““`
blanck mass : credits
prins thomas : træns 2
squid : broadcaster
apparat : bad kingdom (lulu’s version)
yaeji : what we drew
!!! : take it easy
greentea peng : sane
peter miller : spirit song
jon brooks : a lesson on attachment
matthew d. gentt : drone ops
christine ott : comma
nicolas snyder : clayhands
ekin fil : unforgotten
shabaka and the ancestors : you’ve been called
suzanne ciani : denali
jon hassell : moon of titan
richard skelton : for the application of fire
rival consoles : sudden awareness of now
rosaceae : kasa me hɔ
jake schrock : home alone