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Ah Oui à la maison de metro

October 7, 2021

djimi & metroA with guests ah oui:
ezekiel honig : close in the distance
low : white horses
ah oui : evaporer
iggy pop : les feuilles mortes
ah oui : je suis comme je suis
charlotte gainsbourg : irm
ah oui : la vie en rose
serge gainsbourg : requiem pour un con
ah oui : mouvement
air with francoise hardy : jeanne
scruscru : rain in a bamboo grove
salvage art : wer macht die arbeit
jlin : black origami
kali malone : sacer profanare
winfried mühlum-pyrapheos : musica nova contemplativa 1
nianio, geenerve & taran : pond at dusk
non gun : gold mine
tirzah : hive mind
listen to & buy ah oui here
and these are the ah oui videos
salvage machen ihre arbeit hier

upstairs at gustaves

September 2, 2021

djimi & metroA
polypores : improvisation 4
janet beat : echoes from bali
papiro : anelli
zdeněk liška : the tigers breath
dictaphone : island 92
darkside : the question is to see it all
william tyler : four corners
shaun ryder : cut the dam
benefits : empire
fatima al qadiri : sudden kiss of a succubus
suuns : witness protection
x-mal deutschland : incubus/succubus
brain rays : third eye functionality
lingua ignota : pennsylvania furnance
bendik giske : flutter
jason sharp : velocity of being
raed yassin : a fistful of stardust
giulano sorgini : oasi nella giungla
vaganten : tee muss tanzen
peter power : dansakoni

13 empty bottles of rain

August 5, 2021

djimi & metroA
kings of convenience : catholic country
grouper : unclean mind
stone giants : westcoast love stories
museum of no arts : orchideengarten ruse
software : digital dance
hualun : burning
giant claw : dark web 008
billie eilish : i didn’t change my number
chet faker : oh me oh my
yves tumor : katrina
kaspar bjorke modular project : transe pizza express
toulouse low trax : rushing into water
dam-funk : city beach groove
ambulance vs. ambulance : hell is for johnny
ben bondy : drip on nape
jane & barton : hey it’s the twenty twenties
mkwju ensemble : tira-rin
ryuichi sakamoto & david sylvian : forbidden colours
maxine funke : moody relish
metronomy : everything goes my way
tiger village : complicare
dntel : the man on the mountain


July 8, 2021

@ ten p.m.
freeforall nevertellyou seemi kinginmyempire jahrule truly queeninmyempire poorpeoplemustwork letjahlovecome mangodrive webeentroddin range smile aerial why spendsometime outward distance ruffway whatamistry

you stay, we leave

July 1, 2021

djimi & metroA say: ciaociao!

autechre : leterel
zombies in miami : infinito paraiso (juan maclean rmx)
pye corner audio : return to synth mountain
throwing snow : brujita
kevin richard martin : concrete tunnels
suzanne kraft : going down
mabe fratti : nadie sabe
notorische reflexe : the wisp
aaron dilloway & lucrecia dalt : the blob
lafawndah : le malentendu
coil : teenage lightning
yves tumor : jackie
white flowers : night drive
giant claw : dis world
my bloody valentine : soft as snow
white ring : i need a way
kali malone : spectacle of ritual
kelpe : stand me
raed yassin : a fistful of stardust


June 10, 2021

@ten p.m.

metamatics & clatterbox – how I missed you
datassette – short term memory
boards of canada – m9
lexaculpt – fourked
uffie – pop the glock
alaska & paradox – planet 3
the odd toot – man in black
isolée – journey’s end
beaumont hannant – utuba
isolée – demon
nightmares on wax – dreddoverboard
a$ap rocky – multiply (feat.juicy j)
plug – a quick plug for a new slot
not wisely – too well (feat.nomo) (dabrye remix)
bee gees – jive talking (todd terje edit)
forster the people – helena beat (com truise remix)
wagon christ – never ending snorkel
propaganda – dr. mabuse
skinny puppy – fascist jockitch
queens of the stone age – a song for the dead
datassette – custom drummer (C64)
up, bustle & out – emerald alley (indian morning theme)
ltj x-perience – no rhyme, no reason
cypress hill – get’ em out
die warzau – all good girls
lexaunculpt – track1
doctor rockit – babykiss


May 13, 2021

Über Bord
Animal Privateer
Zirrostratus (the fog wonders)
Peg Leg Copperjaws
Der Weltraumenkel
cada uno
Inferno im Wagner
Der strenge le vaddi
Wallop Gallop
Inspector D.
Nigeraurak’s dream
into the mighty, mighty oakwoodz
Track 8
Kara Buran
Fakir Don Pipone
3 Kraken
unda yemaya
Orient Express

@ten p.m.

Inzidance 100-106 bpm

April 8, 2021

si begg – moveup (instr.)
palmskin productions – kleinzeit
stimming – trashcan
download – ego dissolve
jon kennedy – letme get myself together
bohren & der club of gore – kleiner finger
flying lotus feat. gonjasufi – testament
spring heel jack – pan
aphex twin – MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96
jimpster – wanting you
kraftwerk – trans europa express
marumari – circles
bola – forcasa 1
claro intelecto – percentages
marumari – the computer kid
luke vibert – stern facials
bohren & der club of gore – midnight walker
the beatles
boards of canada & marumari – parson
boston public – theme
wagon christ – e-z listener
nicole willis and the investigators – soul investigators theme
kelpe – babycom
cursor miner – this must be the place
anodyne – noise terrorism

walk and chew the moon

April 1, 2021

djimi & metroA
give advice:
andy bell : indica (pye corner audio rmx + glok reedit)
leitstrahl : telemark
neo museum : area
transport : tanz um den melkeimer
dalibor cruz : never sort yourself out
marie davidson & l’Œil nu : c’est parce que j’m’en fous (jlin rmx)
prok fiscal : baguettes
nicola cruz : naeku (multikulti dub rmx)
simon benjamin : vera boila
floating points, pharoah sanders, london symphony orchestra : movement 5
nico : das lied des einsamen mädchens
arcade fire & owen pallett : milk & honey #2
aksak maboul : un caid (spooky j rmx)
benjamin louis brody, ian chand : asmr II
welttraumforscher : kluger könig kindermond
perfume genius : leave (jenny hval rmx)
coil : dark river
kina tomoko : ink
finis africae : hybla
skogar : paradise city
linda smith : untitled 1
djimi & metroA
also take advice. good night.

Allez les deux!

March 4, 2021

djimi & metroA go for gold!

mosquitoes : strobeluck
kings of convenience : i don’t know what i can save you from (röyksopp remix)
penelope trappes : nervous
nun gun : the spectre
divide and dissolve : oblique
goblin : zombi
giuliano sorgini & pAd : notte nella savana (mondo bali mix)
piero umiliani : dolomiti
camera : prosthuman
tiziano populi : minimal dance nr. 1
yoshio ojima : les trois graces
jimmy edgar : metal (feat. sophie)
van der brügge : die alte rohwedder villa
vive la fête : tokyo
b.e.f. feat. billy mackenzie : the secret life of arabia
of montreal : true beauty forever
welttraumforscher : katakina
kosmonautentraum : kosmonaut
no bra : what if …
anna b. savage : corncrakes
field works : la’ali