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September 10, 2020

@ten p.m.
gangster chronicles
we don’t die
nicotine love
bad dreams
passion of the christ
singing the blues
makes me wanna die
for real
moody broody buddhist camp
hey love
I’m in the doorway
blood of my blood
slick 69
something in the way
the love cats
money greedy
puppy toy
nothing’s changed
analyze me
me, I was like you
fall please
past mistake
rude boys
suffocated love
she devil
lonely dancer
hell is round the corner
wait for signal
is that your life
in the sun
lyrics of fury
keep me in your shake
come to me
I’m ready
really real
bonnie & clyde
lonnie listen
black steel
same as it ever was
thinking of
sex drive
does it

we never existed

September 4, 2020

djimi & metroA
william basinski : o, my daughter, o, my sorrow
black mary : john & mary
lucrecia dalt : disuelta
dan deacon : adrian in wonderland
dylan henner : the peach tree next door grew over our fence
macintosh plus : 月
belbury poly : the gone away
nv : bells burp
meitei : chouchin
alessandro cortini : quasi casa
alessandro cortini & don buchla : everything ends here
michael rother : bitter tang
moskoman & teleman : what do we care
coil : are you shivering?
valentina gonchorova : passageway to eternity
sea glass : spring chant
imaginary soft woods : coconut serenade
kelly lee owens : on
brannten schnüre : auf dem hohen meissner


August 13, 2020

@ten p.m

metamatics – giant sunflowers swaying in the wind
dj stingray 313 – acetylcholine
the octagon man – tunx
caustic window – fingry
herva – slam the laptop
µ-ziq – within a sound
underworld – juanita/kiteless/dream of love
beaumont hannant – psi-onyx
10cc – I’m not in love
the kills – the good ones
jp buckle – kiss me quick
plaid – prig
amon tobin – slowly
µ-ziq – roy castle
the prodigy – everybody in the place
cylob – pepper spray (radio mix)
afx – w32.deacode.a
milanese – 1up
sideshow – if alone
nightmares on wax – jorgé
bis – love will tear us apart
datassette – furniture
x-altera – entry
vex’d – firestar
squarepusher – the barn (303 kebab mix)

Go your own way

August 7, 2020

Znm0AH9hThGPrUHtUDXUhA´´´´´djimi & metroA““`
blanck mass : credits
prins thomas : træns 2
squid : broadcaster
apparat : bad kingdom (lulu’s version)
yaeji : what we drew
!!! : take it easy
greentea peng : sane
peter miller : spirit song
jon brooks : a lesson on attachment
matthew d. gentt : drone ops
christine ott : comma
nicolas snyder : clayhands
ekin fil : unforgotten
shabaka and the ancestors : you’ve been called
suzanne ciani : denali
jon hassell : moon of titan
richard skelton : for the application of fire
rival consoles : sudden awareness of now
rosaceae : kasa me hɔ
jake schrock : home alone

Nerd Derby 47

July 30, 2020
@ten pm

Braune Burschen spülen am Strand

July 9, 2020

trio – energy
nathan fake – old light
cim – file server
nautilis – all I have
ellen allien – stadtkind
autechre – eutow
international pony – a new bassline for jose (jackmate remix)
dominik eulberg – der hecht im karpfenteich
underworld – winjer
machine drum – yo what uh yeh
octagon man – the rimm
danny fiddo & affkt – points (villalobos una puta mas atras remix)
phon.o – nightshifts
nils frahm – me
fugazi – full disclosure
ceephax – the turk
autechre – doctrine
afx – batine acid
christopher just – I’m a disco dancer
the black dog – heavy industry
lcd soundsystem – tribulations
speedy j – ieee mitten menu (mint mix)
the artful dodger – re-rewind
brendon moeller – the urge
cim – swap file
xyphax – netrapol
eliot lipp – so stoked youre calling me (ob city remix)
mr.76ix – sex myself
cassetteboy – track 58

Your Musical Roomservice

July 2, 2020


the house of metro featuring tobec and jimi presents:

jehnny beth – innocence
peaking lights – soft scape
bauhaus – slice of life
the jesus and mary chain – one million rainy days
king krule – perfecto miserable
motohiko hamase – imagery
brian eno – this
methods body – quiet pt. 1
dan deacon – become a mountain
love-songs – selbstauflöser teil 2
pet – slow machine
kaitlyn aurelia smith – remembering
dälek – beyond the madness
dabrye – hyped up plus tax
tirzah – devotion
peter licht – das vom ende des kapitalismus
sparks – please dont fuck up my world
nihiloxica – tewali sukali
ufo hawaii – die motte
der plan – europa-hymne

Blog Mix

June 11, 2020

insekt – cocaine
the beatles
dj food – fungle junk
datasette – finance arpeggio
com truise – wasat
sbtrkt – paper cuts
sleaford mods – tied up in nottz
nightmares on wax – stating a fact
public enemy – 911 is a joke (instr.)
beastie boys – hold it now, hit it
bananarama – cruel summer
robag wruhme – robellada
eliot lipp – fever
foe – a handsome stranger called death (com truise remix)
dee-lite – groove is in the heart
alex smoke – dust
tim dog – fuck crompton
marumari – baby m
public enemy – bring the noise (instr,)
comfort fit & blacktronics – something to do
public enemy rebel without a pause (instr,)
public enemy – fight the power
wu-tang clan – protect ya neck
fink – ever since I was a kid
wagon christ – workout
ellen alien – licht
ricardo villalobos – waiworinao
losoul – insula
aphex twin – actium
norken – east
norken – painting
akufen – the unexpected guest
nefuka – noiseherpmoced
audio werner – flatfunk
wolfgang voigt – discoschleifen
ad vanz vs. gescom – viral
aphex twin – wet tip hen ax

tunnel der zwei menschen

June 4, 2020

djimi – metroA
laila sakini : like a gun
residents : smack your lips
sir richard bishop :  dust devils
caretaker : childishly fresh eyes
howlround : unengland
methods body : quiet pt. 1
against all logic : faith
ian chang : lion dance
luomo : tessio
peaking lights : dharma
cavern of anti-matter : terminal metric
emeralds : everything is inverted
blanck mass : credits
methods body : claimed events pt. 2
jon brooks : siorraidh
alex ebert : her love
sonic boom : things like this
st. etienne : who do you think you are (aphex twin-rmx)
new composers : love of nature


May 14, 2020

solar x – net camouflage
jon kennedy – rain rain rain
melchior productions ltd. – where’s the happiness
soundhack – untitled
metamatics – vaxhug
lee jones – lab
jollymusic – angel
bruno pronsato – anybody but you
holger zilske – lichterfelde
dominik eulberg – teddy tausendtod
microtrauma – nordlicht
misc. – dance your name
justin martin – the sad piano (jimpster remix)
few nolder – chall
daso – idee
phantom ghost – relax it’s only a ghost (efdemin casten jost version)
daft punk – revolution 303
flippo naughty moscatello – paradiso perduto
matthew dear – fex
shocking pinks – dressed to please (nathan fake remix)
saint etienne – like a motorway (davis holmes remix)
microtrauma – juno
cim – shift
lb – superbad (soul substitute)
playlist Trickfinger
burial – distant light
stimming – feeding seagulls
sigur rós – ny’ batteri
aphex twin – the waxen pith
ricardo villalobos – andruic & japan
ricardo villalobos – 4 wheel drive
hakan libdo – overnight
burial rough sleeper
mark broom – refund