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las flores de la indiferencia

November 3, 2022

djimi & metroA hope you are fine! we are!!
/// ///
david sylvian : a fire in the forest
rival consoles : world turns
speedy j : de-orbit
carla rab : sexy films
pub : autumn
wolf müller & niklas wandt : expedition
moin : yep yep
asa 808 : fill your lungs with peace
susumu yokata : traveler in the wonderland
young fathers : i saw
benefits : thump
balmorhea : day dawns in your right eye
laila sakini : that wave, that line
mlo : alkasura
lucrecia dalt : contenida
hagop tchaparian : jordan
yves tumor : god is a circle
shit & shine : shipped
william basinski & janek schaefer : on reflection (one)
/// ///

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