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januar23 is the place

January 5, 2023

djimi & metroA welcome you in 2023 with the following cast:
the associates : white car in germany
susumu yokota : extension
donato dozzy : vaporware 07
the welcome wagon : i know you know
nine horses : wonderful world
twinkle3 feat. david sylvian and kazuko hohki : i borrow moonlight
yellow magic orchestra : stairs
q : the voice of q (the reflex rmx)
paul ferris : soft interlude (the witchfinder general o.s.t.)
ramzi : megafauna
alva noto : subterraneans (feat. william basinski & martin gore)
vigro deep : shukushuku
uri katzenstein & skin o. daayba : feedbackless world
!!! : this is pop 2
kali malone : living torch II
angel ho : pleasure
Эдуард Артемьев : m-16 (solaris o.s.t.)
sleep well!

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