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Lalala-the playlist

June 2, 2022

djimi & metroA say: don’t lala!
pye corner audio : warmth of the sun
interstellar funk : crystal whispers
soft estate : cindy
anadol : gizli duygular
läuten der seele : merkwürdige vögel erscheinen im garten
tess parks : happy birthday forever
susumu yokota : kodomotachi
kh : looking at your pager
afrorack : osc
paul dano & daniel radcliffe : montage
midori takada : kannon-daiji
sam gendle : lightly
rexy : running out of time
zombie zombie : war is coming
meta morelli : haben sie die beiden hängen sehen?
noon garden : beulah spa
föllakzoid : IIII
moderat : drum glow
coil : where are you?
are you in a place that we cannot reach?
good night

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