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May the 5th be with you – the playlist

May 5, 2022

djimi & metroA:
freudenthal & jake the rapper : 1982
john carpenter played by ralf hennings : die klapperschlange
parc : wave iridescene
alejandro jodorowsky, don cherry, roberto viskin : tarot will teach you / burn your money
jörg thomasius : besen im kopf
paddy kingsland : a special kind of people
suzanne ciani : concert at wbai free music store
johann johannsson : mandy love theme
hildur gudnadottir : bridge of death
tangerine dream : search
kelly lee owens : sonic 8
kenji kawai : the doll house II
kenji kawai : unnatural city II
cult 48 : peyote
giuliano sorgini : amboseli
current 93 : clouds at teatime
popol vuh : schloss des irrtums
ray lynch : cooking til it’s hot
francois de roubaix : les levres rouges
big thief : change

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