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May 14, 2020

solar x – net camouflage
jon kennedy – rain rain rain
melchior productions ltd. – where’s the happiness
soundhack – untitled
metamatics – vaxhug
lee jones – lab
jollymusic – angel
bruno pronsato – anybody but you
holger zilske – lichterfelde
dominik eulberg – teddy tausendtod
microtrauma – nordlicht
misc. – dance your name
justin martin – the sad piano (jimpster remix)
few nolder – chall
daso – idee
phantom ghost – relax it’s only a ghost (efdemin casten jost version)
daft punk – revolution 303
flippo naughty moscatello – paradiso perduto
matthew dear – fex
shocking pinks – dressed to please (nathan fake remix)
saint etienne – like a motorway (davis holmes remix)
microtrauma – juno
cim – shift
lb – superbad (soul substitute)
playlist Trickfinger
burial – distant light
stimming – feeding seagulls
sigur rós – ny’ batteri
aphex twin – the waxen pith
ricardo villalobos – andruic & japan
ricardo villalobos – 4 wheel drive
hakan libdo – overnight
burial rough sleeper
mark broom – refund

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