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Dream Pop

July 26, 2018
dream pop + a.r. kane’s “69” 30th birthday –
bröselmaschine – nossa bova
a. r. kane – when you’re sad 
a. r. kane – haunting
cocteau twins – mussette and drums 
a. r. kane – lollita
m/a/r/r/s – pump up the volume 
a. r. kane – crazy blue
a. r. kane – baby milk snatcher
a. r. kane – spermwhale trip over
jübl – thinking about you jübl
fax + alex ayuli – spellbound
jonathan bree – you’re so cool 
the blaze – virile
céci – heartbeat
tv on the radio – tonight
prefuse 73 – en blanco
dntel – everything’s tricks
dntel – dreams
color filter – fearless
jübl – sweet dreams
fax feat. alex ayuli – soulsoung
a. r. kane – the sun falls into the sea ☀️
alle radiosendungen + 7 stunden tobecmixes –
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