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don’t look back, just look straight ahead

June 7, 2018

djimi & metroA say:: it’s about time to walk the coldest path
playlist 20180607

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-07 um 18.20.05.png
the cast:

the advisory circle : high climber
luke vibert : balath
leon vynehall : english oak
âme & roedelius : deadlocked
gas : rausch 5
alias : autumnal ego
oneohtrix point never : age of
aisha devi : dislocation of the alpha
1991 : calm onyx
jenny hval : the dreamer is everyone in her dream
the black dog & emika : tell me what you
bruno sanfilippo : lux
lakeside : film parts
emerson kitamura : the countryside is great
ross from friends : project cybersyn
actress & london contemporary orchestra : voodoo posse, chronic illusion
suzanne ciani : part one
palmbomen & betonkust : smerig eiland
four tet : lush
prince : the cross

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