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forget mankind, here is the ocean: metroplaylist20170202

February 2, 2017

djimi & metroA says: row the boat ashore!

andi otto : bangalore whispers
kid koala feat. emiliana torrini : collapser
virna lindt : underwater boy
clap clap! : burbuka
clifton dyson : she’s a playgirl
acid arab : medahat
ruth : mots
marcello giombini : disco 2
cavern of anti-matter : dystopian shopping mall
tornado wallace : kakadu
toshifumi hinata : chaconne
bill baird : skull castle decorator
can : shikaku maru ten
devo : time out for fun
oleg kostrow : skilauf
syrinx : aurora spinray
trans am : futureworld
kelly lee owens feat. jenny hval : anxi
jimi tenor : take me baby
not waving : too many freaks
alien sex fiend : get into it
shari vari : helicopter
romare : i wanna go

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