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On the road to somewhere~metroplaylist 20160721

July 21, 2016

djimi & metroA from 10 to 12
worriedaboutsatan : the woods
plaid : clock
concretism : forwarned is forearmed
dj shadow : ashes to oceans
aphex twin : cheetat7b
dip in the pool : on retinae (east version)
jaja : elega al che
mariah : sokokara (from there …)
giuliani sorgini : amboselli
richard pinkas : ruitor
suicide : ghost rider
grauzone : film 2
necro deathmort : capsule sickness
telex : second hand
middex : sirrius
blancmange : all things are nice
orchestral manoeurvres in the dark : the beginning and the end
orchestra of spheres : cluster
beautify junkyards : constant flux
enon : in this city
metronomy : old school
peter licht : lied vom ende des kapitalismus
concretism : of frisbees and pylons
from 12 to 7

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