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Some Saints are bigger than others. metroplaylist 20151105

November 5, 2015

djimi and metroA say “welcome world”!
show starts at 10.00 p.m.
floating points : peroration six
wand : grave robber
popol vuh : das schloss des irrtums
protomartyr : why does it shake?
eduard artemiev : birth of earth
yacht : i thought the future would be cooler
alejandro jodorowsky : tarot will teach you
deerhunter : living my life
samoln : tsch
sonic jesus : locomotive
madchen amick : jailcake (dibek’s jailbreak rmx)
owiny sigoma band : luo land
joanna newsom : divers
the analog roland orchestra : 1984
barnett + coloccia : agate cross
mercury rev : you’ve gone with so little for so long
alan hawkshaw : good thinking
tropic of cancer : stop suffering
low : kid in the corner
shopping : take it outside
pink skull : either the luminiscent wallpaper goes or i do
c#est ca.
now there’s 7 more hours of metroheadmixes
one of them, the asian one, is on mixcloud:
you find it here
good night!

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