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clap your eyelashes! metroplaylist 20150101

January 1, 2015

djimi & metroA say:
hyppy nyw year, folks!.

the advisory circle : the blue energy programme
18+ : crow
dean blunt : 100
the projects : cold fusion experiment
neu! : hallogallo
sinoia caves : forever dialating eye
anadolu bayramlari : titremek vs terlemek
lone : restless city
bügsküll : icarus rising
fennesz : pallas althene
pye corner audio : one time pad
mogwai : no medicine for regret
pascal fuhlbrügge : people begin to fly
the acid : creeper
cavern of anti-matter :  total availability and the private future
andy stott : science and industry
silk rhodes : face to face
temples : a question isnt answered
sleaford mods : the mail don’t fail
spoon : they want my soul
chow hsuan : bu yao chang ba
amen dunes : lilac in hand
travelling tribes : unheard songs of sorrow

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