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The neverending Quest for World’s End: metroplaylist 20141204

December 4, 2014

Djimi & metroA


blanck mass : chernobyl
joy division : warsaw
les visiteurs du soir : je t’ecris d’un pays
schlammpeitziger : hagelslaag süchteln
listening center : our material
videoclips : der doppelgänger
gina x performance : hypnosis/hypnose
miami nights 1984 : ocean drive
pye corner audio : perfect secrecy forever
mogwai : no medicine for regret (pye corner audio remix)
william basinski : melancholia I
alan parsons project : i robot (pilooski remix)
sleaford mods : 6 horsemen
allah-las : had it all
braen raskovich : bisca
ariel pink : dayzed inn daydreams
wendy & carl : carnivale
how to dress well : ready for the world
el mahdy jr. : zarga
lata j ramasar : the greatest name that lives
employee of the month : gallery

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