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Deep down into the Ventriloquist’s Mind: metroplaylist 2014/11/06

November 6, 2014

Djimi & metroA


toy : sedan through tunnel
museum of love : down south
rodion ga : waterfall
future brown : wanna party
débruit & alsarah : alkoan baladi
gogo penguin : murmuration
andy stott : faith in strangers
polar bear : cuckoo
the jellies : jive baby on a saturday night
factory floor : how you say (invisible conga people remix)
listening center & pye corner audio : town of tomorrow today
fakear : interstellar
attaque : only you
buscabella : sono
el mahdy jr : last breath
vessel : red sex
screaming jay hawkins : i put a spell on you (trrbo-remix)
eric copeland : logo my ego
daniela casa : pericolo
heliocentrics & melvin van pepples : big bang reincarnation
aman ellis : i keep remembering what i’m trying to forget
frank ocean : swim good
philip glass : floe

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