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the prosencephalon speaks! metroplaylist 2014-06-05

June 5, 2014

the show starts at 10 p.m., see you then!

2014-0001see you now!
kan3da : babby zompy
caribou : can’t do withour you
margot : magico disco
erfolg : erfolg
retep folo : the beast of exmoor – three black knights
william s. burroughs : no more stalins, no more hitlers
john matthias : spreadsheet blues
suuns : music won’t save you
wave racer : streamers (ryan hemsworth remix)
débruit & alsarah : jibal alnuba
dr. lektroluv vs beam 3000 : discotheque
david shaw and the beat : trance in mexico
proxy : 10.000
sleaford mods : tied up in noddz
fra lippo lippi : a moment like this
tom of england : 30,000 women
mogwai : eagle trax
fujiya + miyagi : rayleigh scattering
chrome sparks : goddess
nun : evoke the sleep
shocking pinks : ten years
plaid : hawkmoth
fehlfarben : paul ist tot

mr. frank & metroA

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