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down in the centauridisco: playlist 05-09-3013

September 5, 2013

IMG_0349heute sind die gläser leer, deswegen: musik vom band
1. kapitel
serge gainsbourg : aeroplanes
doug hream blunt : gentle persuasion
d.r. hooker : forge your own chains
david axelrod : ken russell
bob chance : it’s broken
george smallwood & marshmellow : lady disco
shuggie otis : strawberry letter 23
fleetwood mac : dreams (take 2)
van dyke parks : aquarium
eden ahbez : eden’s island
marcos valle : ele e ela
ennio morricone : guerra e pace, pollo e brace
jean rollin : la chateau
nino ferrer : the garden
2. kapitel
tristesse contemporaine : waiting for torment
palm highway chase : space again
fuck buttons : hidden xs
pye corner audio : conical space
rodion ga : alpha centauri
the focus group : the elektrik karousel
listening center : titoli
boards of canada : cold earth
mount kimbie : you took your time
dean blunt : the redeemer
black ceiling : palace
makina girgir : untitled
maria panosian : storm
deer diary : trapped

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