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Superbuzzbigfluff PLAYLIST

June 20, 2013

Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-20 um 20.21.59

hello citizen!

mountains : sand
expo 70 : sunseeker
secret mountains : rainer

main course:
hallogallo 2010 : drone schlager
lumerians : dogon genesis
moon duo : rolling out (umberto remix)
psychic ills : depot
joe meek : march of the dribcots
clinic : king kong II
demdike stare : primitive equations
akron/family : sand talk
donna summer : i feel love
luomo : present lover
daft punk : giorgio by moroder
wampire : orchards (starfucker remix)
patrick vian : oreknock
beach fossils : clash the truth
beak> : mono
feist + timber timbre : homage
felix kubin : antarctis slow rock
tuxedomoon : no tears
wire : doubles and trebles
stareaway : no life in this ghost town

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