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nerd derby 23

April 4, 2013


live @ ten p.m.


dodgyone – whoo haa
slugabed – dangerous
dj vadim – bang yer head feat. out da ville
dabrye – with a professional
mdslkr – hasir (live)
fifty weapons #001
rekordah – sometimes (i want to be)
813 – bibabo
dabrye – keep life right (dabrye remix indstrumental)
mark pritchard – money man remix instumental
deceptikon – bossanovastyle a
dj n-ron hubbard and $mall change – instrumental
dorian concept – fort teen
dizz1 – konnotakosuke yaro
georgia anne muldrow – killa peach
push button objects – chusma29
lunice – i see u
tnght – top floor
phoenecia – melfad
roel funcken – cork walls
saturday, monday – amends / withdrawl
jack dice – murdered out
sami koivikko – pääjääsä
raboisen – relax it’s only a ghost (version)
jam city – barely a track
champion – motherboard
logos – king mop vip
dark sky – ???
darkstar – squeeze my lime
datassette – don’t

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