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goodbye morals, hello happiness: playlist 13 dec

December 13, 2012

entertainment area open today from 10 to 12


andy stott : numb
in flagranti : autoscopy
the intergalactic orchestra : time slip
droids : be happy
bob chance : it’s broken
james ferraro : lovesick
walter carlos and the well tempered synthesizer : sonata in g major (scarlatti)
lindstrom : lāmm-ęl-āār
moon wiring club : alway’s a party
mouse on mars : hym
moon wiring club : a swift swirl in an autumn automotive
zombie zombie : illuminations
alan howarth & john carpenter : chariots of pumpkins
la boum fatale : aaa
woo : intensity
groundislava : tv dream
roger limb : the plunderers
deerhoof : we do parties
stand up against heart crime : am i save?
metric : the wanderlust
shackleton : dipping
mars volta : the malkin jewel

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