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metrohead minigolf apokalypse: playlist june 7

June 7, 2012

the playlist 2012-06-07:

j.j. denham: now youŕe furtive
moon wiring club: a slip in the forth dimension
baron mordant: alex black
major lazer: get free
dean blunt & inga copeland: b2
fatima al qadiri: hip hop spa
suzanne ciani: sound of wetness
leon lowman: fluorescent funk
james bay: fliegender teppich
matthew dear: her fantasy
hot chip: flutes
the hundred in the hands: faded
pharaoh overlord: palmyra cali
black to comm: leigh bowery
mordant music: dead air
actress: ascending
liars: no. 1 against the rush
joy orbison: hyph mngo
teen daze: fantasy
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros: man on fire
oae: container
daniel padden: 17 leaves in the low register
wolfram wire: a very peaceful song
yacht: i’ll be your mirror
the advisory circle: new dimensions in

sleep well,
yours djimi & metroB

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