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Playlist 22.12.2011 Knorrkid vs. Edit Piaff

December 22, 2011

trans am – infinite wavelength (dabrye)

bubbahs tum – dirty great marble (boc mix)

??—   ??

akardi – disco queen

van delta – retrace

ryuichi sakamoto

tom burbank – knuckles

nora dean

wagon christ – nerver ending snorkel

flash and the pan – hole in the middle

marco passarani – green cycle

quiet village project – can be beat

luke vibert – asheed


the ace of clubs – 2 daze become 1

40 thieves – theme from nutrider

mirwais – disco science

glossy – trytry

ahhhh…! – neon nylon

schatrax – b2

jean – pierre massiera and bernard torelli – ?

miguel puente & sishi rosche – serious compassion

the gaslamp killer – when i in awe ( feat. gunjasufi )

todd terje -bonysh

ruins – not too grand

mossa -you don’t know

qunado quango – love tempo

mathias kaden – mascleta (affkt white fear remix)

rampa – man






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