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25.08.2011 WAVEI_AB by Miss van der Rohe, Knorrkid & das Motiv

August 25, 2011

ss-say – care

jacno – triangle

john foxx – underpass

magic de spell – faces

solvent – my radio

ptôse – boule, viens ici

chris & cosey – driving blind

tangible joy – move

chrisma – we r.

victor hublot – la p’tite gayole

daf – greif nach den sternen

charles de goal – synchro

popsong’s factory – d’ameja

somnabulist – things i was due to forget

deutsche wertarbeit – auf engelsflügeln

the units – high pressure days

trisomie 21 – breaking down

sympathy nervous – polaroid

the kills – the good ones

deux – game and performance

oppenheimer analysis – radiance

the sound – i can’t escape myself

omd – telegraph

gary numan – cars

severed heads – mount

doris norton – personal computer

esplendor geometrico – moscu esta helado

i-f – space invaders are smoking grass

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