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a playlist is a playlist is a playlist is a playlist to take drugs to

June 16, 2011

here we go:
discodeine: singular
architecture in helsinki: contact high
ariel pink’s haunted grafitti: fright night (dam funk remix)
pogo: murmurs of middle earth
battles: sweetie
yacht: utopia
kreidler: kremlin rules
tha yamasuki singers: yamamoto kakapote
bruce haack: stand up lazarus
tha yamasuki singers: fudji yama
dylan ettinger: lion of judah
photek: 101
umberto: illegal entry with intent to zuul
washed out: eyes be close (steve moore remix)
dinosaur l: go bang! (francois k. mix)
james drake: wilhelm’s fuckin best
nicolas jaar: too many kids finding rain in the dust
two door cinema club: something good can work (rac remix)
pastoralia: daddy daughter dance (free download)
starfucker: born
sebastian: love in motion
oh land: son of a gun (jacob plant remix)
the sea & cake: covers

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