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Senretsu Kyaku

December 9, 2009

Some of my favourite games is Street Fighter and my favourite character is Chun-Li. Some of the easier moves are Kikoken and Hazanshu. The harder ones called Hosenka or Senretsu Kyaku. I often think, I´m too old to learn these crappy finger-breaking combos and above all I´ll never get a chance to win against these 13-years young nerds. Never mind!
The easiest move of the character Ryu is called Hadouken. You´ll not find that move in same-called Band Hadouken´s video for their pre-single M.A.D., but the crude mouse has it well-deserved.
Formed in 2006 they built their own label Surface Noise Records and released their first single “That boy that girl”.  The 12″, with a really cool version of the B-side “Tuning in” (H! re-rub), was released on french label Kitsuné.  In 2008 the first album “Music for an Accelerated Culture” followed.
Now they are in studio, working on their new album ‘For the Masses’ with outstanding singer Gary Barlow as a producer.
The album and a tour will follow in spring 2010. I´m curious.

You can pre-order the album here

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